Self discipline: the secret of success

Powerful results can only be associated with powerful challenges. One can surely achieve victory if the path of success which was designed in a deliberate manner. The challenge we refer here is the ability of disciplining the ‘self’. Disciplining the ‘self’ means training the brain to focus on the goal and keep on hitting it until it touches the goalpost. Hence, self discipline is the guaranteed virtue for greater success in life. Self discipline is an inner quality which can be earned through conscious effort and constant practice. If we go through the success stories of various socialites in different vernacular magazines, we will find that all of them are highly disciplined in their personal and professional life.

Target, fortitude, confidence and devotion always find their echo in a disciplined man. ‘Success can never be achieved by chance, rather it’s a choice’, all the successful people have set their goals early in life and fasten themselves tight to achieve their targets. The concentration on a work till its purpose is fulfilled is a part of higher and greater urge for perfection. Life becomes idle and wasteful for us when we do not have any objectives to accomplish; it creates dullness in the ‘self’. A self disciplined person knows what he wants from his life, thus disciplines his life in a particular direction to achieve success faster than a person who is waiting for the appropriate time to come. Fortitude is a virtue which drives the force of success. It is an eagerness which is disciplined by cause and authenticity. All great achievements are made by virtue of this special quality. A disciplined man knows his inner qualities, strengths and abilities and pampers his actions to generate progress.

Self discipline provokes confidence and confidence fosters leadership in a human being which is an essential tool for success. Confidence is probably the most important benefit that we can reap out of self discipline. Confidence is the ability to fight back all disappointments of life; it is a skill to identify one’s own possessions and make them work to reach up to the goal. Self confidence can be realized once we grow up in a discipline; and if we cultivate and nurture all our good qualities. Self confidence is a feeling of step by step progress towards the goal. Dedication means employing one’s ability, talent, enthusiasm, possessions with the purpose to fulfill a vision. Dedication means the commitment of accomplishing something which requires hard work and relentless devotion; and in order to accomplish a target the prerequisite element of hard work is self discipline.

Self discipline is not an inborn talent; it requires perseverance    and strong willpower to achieve it. Nothing remains impossible for us once we learn the art of controlling the ‘self’. With the power of self control we grow up in self respect on a day to day basis. Self respect not only brings self acceptance but also builds an optimistic attitude towards life. Once we master ourselves in controlling our emotions we raise above all worldly temptations; and achieve supremacy in life. It hardly matters where we are and what is our background, success is an assured term if we invest 100% self discipline in what we are doing. Hence, self discipline is an incentive of success; it is the key to success and happiness in life.

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