Self Esteem – Meaning and its Importance

Self esteem is the positive or negative state of mind that an individual possesses for himself. In a simpler language it means the opinion one holds for himself. It is largely reflected in the way an individual mans a given task, in how he rates his own capability for performing in a given situation. It is also largely dependant on the comparison he draws with others on similar or varied levels, how he thinks they are superior or inferior to him for a given incidence.

The personality of a human being is complex, interesting and vivid. Self-esteem forms a crucial segment of the same. It to a great extent determines the nature and social behavior of an individual. It is also very interesting to know that an individuals self-esteem may be different in different situations and in different sets of social environment.

A persons self esteem greatly depends upon the how he has been performing in his career and social life over a period of time. Humans are social beings. They are always hungry for love, affection, attention and on top of all a feeling of belongingness. Their social acceptance performs a significant role as well. If an individual is well appreciated and is looked up to for particular things, he is bound to have a high self-esteem.

A persons rating of himself also relies on how happy he feels for what he does. If you are involved in a job that makes you happy and you are getting a positive growth towards your goals the self esteem will rise. However, it is important to note here that self esteem is very different from self confidence.

If an individual possesses a positive self esteem about himself, he will always have a positive outlook towards life. Life appears more welcoming and worth living if a person is able to project a positive self image. On the contradictory a low self esteem can make a person give up the assurance in his life and instead become a complete pessimist. He continues to consider himself worthless.

Extremes of both the situations can be harmful. An optimum level is desired in a consistent living. A person with low self esteem needs to be guided out of the shell before it is too late for him to find a way out. A person with a very high self esteem can not only harm himself but also end up hurting people around him intentionally or unintentionally.

Self esteem is an important element of the personality of every human being and all human beings put together it forms a dominating part of a social environment. It is a deciding factor is determining the kind of social groups and relationships a person can involve in. It plays a significant role in various situations, tough or simple. A person with a sound level of self esteem is able to face a problem and handle it better than the rest. A person higher up on the scale may end up taking intuitive decisions while a person way down on self esteem may be able to find no solutions at all or complex the situation on the whole.