Know the Art of Business Persuasion Through Influencing Skills

With the increase in the number of new companies coming up every day, competition has been at its peak over the past few years. Everybody wants to sell their own product, as they try to outwit some competing business by using different marketing methodologies. Customers have understood all their policies, and yet they are being able to have a good percentage of sales. How is that happening? This is due to the fact that, these policies have influenced consumers to such an extent that they were able to change their whole belief system – a customer who was never interested to buy a product will eventually end up buying it! Recently, I came to know about the four P’s of marketing – Price, Product, Place and Promotion. In order to sell something, the marketer needs to know the four P’s thoroughly. They need to know about the ‘Price’ of the item they are selling, have a detailed analysis of the ‘Product’ along with the ‘Place’ i.e. they need to know the sector in the market where it will have the maximum consumption rate and most importantly, they have to ‘Promote’ the product in the best way possible. They should be able to influence people into buying what they are selling. A few factors which I think a person should note before they want to go ahead with Business Persuasion are –

Confidence and power of speech

The most important thing, I believe a sales-agent should possess is confidence in himself as well as the product. Once you are confident in yourself, you can command respect form the person to whom you are trying to make a sale. This confidence will be reflected in the way you speak as well. You will be able to give a very fluent and error-free speech. When you are talking to the customer, make sure that you can get a grip of him by the way you speak. It is not necessary to use big words, but it is very important that you put forward your point to the customer in the best way possible

A very good idea of what you are selling

If you are trying to sell something, it is mandatory that you do your homework well. You should have an extensive knowledge about what you are trying to sell. To influence a customer into buying something, you will have to explain the entire product from A to Z.

Promoting the product

At the end of the day, be it for a single salesman to a big business, the product promotion remains very important. Be it an advertisement on the billboards or one in the newspaper, a survey has shown that customers like it more if the product is being promoted in a very attractive way.

Summing up, Business Persuasion is not a very difficult task if have proper influencing skills. You will come across many different kinds of customers – influencing some will be very easy and influencing others will make you sweat profusely. I have joined a call center a few days back although I am myself not good at persuasion. Yet, today I was able to give my first sale. Believe me, if I can do it, so can you!