Role of Employee in Self Development

An employee is an individual who is completely responsible for his holistic development. How he performs and progresses depends hugely on his commitment and obsession for his work and how he learns to curb his skills as per the requirement of his job. He should be on a constant forefront in upgrading his knowledge and learning new skills as the requirements change.

An employee should be able to understand the changes that will be required in his code of conduct owing to the growing competition. He should be able to understand that in order to climb the ladder of success, he should adapt to the changes that are taking place as time progresses. These changes can be in the form of technology, working methods, deliverables, etc. The knowledge and skills required for the post of a senior manager and a manager are hugely different. If one wishes to be promoted from the post of a manager to the post of a senior manager, he should understand that he should be able to exhibit the knowledge, understanding and skills comparable to that required for the post.

It is important for an employee to understand that the knowledge that he possesses is never complete. There is always a scope to learn more and grow. Therefore, the learning process should never stop. The day it is stopped, the employee should understand that this will soon lead him to obsolescence. His endeavor should be to work and craft himself towards a consistent growth pattern. A constant urge to grow and better oneself will always keep him motivated and promise positive results at the end of the day.

A smart employee can be learning every minute. He learns through his experience. He learns through keen observation. He learns through the experiences of others. He learns through daily events. New lessons and techniques can be inherited by reading, listening and discussion. He can be learning through critical self feedbacks or feedbacks from seniors and co-workers. It is important to understand that the process does not end here. For an employee to have a progressive career, the new learning should register well in the brain. It should be practiced repeatedly until it becomes a part of your code of conduct.

The spark to learn and grow is what will make an employee an achiever. An employee should always be motivated towards self development. There may be a lot of exercises organized by his company, but until and unless the employee has a strong will to grow and gain all efforts are in vain. What others do for the development of an employee and his career path is secondary. But the responsibility that an employee takes for his own development is the primary tool that will make him successful in life. The process of learning should go on no matter how higher you have come in the organization or how many years of experience you have gained. Until and unless you promise yourself to advance continually, the goal will always appear farther away.