Personal Growth for Success

What is personal growth? To some, it is a perfect balance of work and life. While to others, it reaching a point where one is content with life, and, to some others it is leading a holistic life. In reality it is combination of all of this and more. Personal growth is something that happens gradually and continues to happen throughout one’s life.

Following are the key considerations for personal growth which will help in achieving success in life:

  1. Nurture talents: Truly understand what your talents are. This can be a slow and time consuming process. It is not uncommon to see people discover their real talent well into middle age. Once you have discovered your talent, work on nurturing it. It can be painting, sports or photography. It does not matter if you cannot make your passion your profession. Doing something you love and excel at on regular basis makes you a more confident and content person. And this in turn can improve your quality of life.
  2. Work on your weakness: If you have a weakness, do not try to hide or deny it. Your weakness could be fear of public speaking or bad time management. Whatever your weakness, accepting it and working on getting over is a crucial step in developing yourself. Some weakness can be overcome by you while others may require help. Do not hesitate to seek help from friends, family or professionals if need be.
  3. Develop your professional life: Work on excelling what you do irrespective of the type of work. Excelling at work does not necessarily only mean winning accolades and promotions. Doing what you do well and consistently striving to improve is also professional development.
  4. Work-life balance: Professional development should never come at the cost of personal life. It is quite common to see people put work before family and as a result suffer. Work and personal life are both critical aspects. Work on maintaining this balance. Avoid working on weekends and set aside time to spend with family, friends or even doing something you truly enjoy.
  5. Develop spiritually: Being spiritually inclined can help you improve the overall quality of your life. Spiritual development helps people focus on important things and have a stress free outlook on life. Being part of a religious/ spiritual group or even discovering your spiritual side by yourself can have immense impact on your professional and personal life.
  6. Self confidence: Learn to believe in yourself. Understanding that each person is unique with individual skills and flaws is the first step in developing your self confidence.
  7. Set a goal: A lot people feel that their lives are empty and without purpose. This can lead to mid-life crisis, depression etc. The main reason behind this is that they lack a goal in life. Set a goal for yourself. It can be buying your dream house or moving up the ladder in your work place. Whatever your goal, chalk out a plan and get working on it. People with a goal are more focused in life.
  8. A positive attitude: Having a positive attitude is the key to a happy life. Start looking at the positive in every downside. Learning to take failure and obstacles in stride can go a long way in improving the quality of your life.

While developing all the above will help your personal growth, it is important to remember that personal development can vary from person to person. What defines growth for one person can be entirely different for another. Take time out to understand what personal growth means to you and before you start working on it keep in mind that it a slow process. Personal Growth and Success will go hand in hand if all the above considerations are kept in mind.