Self respect is the first step to gain respect from others

Respect is a social acknowledgement which everybody strives to gain in his life. Social respect is a phenomenon, which cannot be earned merely on the basis of name, fame and wealth. It’s our hard earned asset and the base is always our self respect. Self respect is the way we perceive ourselves. The quest for respect and recognition from the society appears as to be a mirage if we fail to develop respect for ourselves first. Therefore, before demanding respect from the society, we need to start respecting our own-selves.

Our entire life is a struggle to achieve social recognition and respect but we can’t demand honor from the society unless we have it for us. Self respect is not dependent on our educational background, financial status or any other transitory things. Self respect means the way we perceive ourselves; it is the innate realization of the true self. Honoring our true self gives us the confidence to eradicate all negative feelings from life. In order to earn respect we have to build up a habit of evaluating our own plans and actions on a regular basis, we need to become our critic in a true sense.

Self respect leads to self discovery. Self awakening is a privilege to our conscience which guides us through the path of self knowledge. Self knowledge is a power of feeling worthy and confident about life. Low self esteem is a barrier to life. Lack of self respect becomes an obstacle in the growth and development of our life. Hence, a person with strong principles and high self respect can easily shun all the negative feelings in life and raise above all pessimism. Once our self standards are morally high, we do not allow anybody to walk over us. Though self esteem is an inner trait, yet, high self respect reflects in our personal conducts and attitude which demarcates our difference with an average human being.

Self respect means self acceptance, self acceptance means acknowledging the self the way it is. Self acceptance is an ability to raise above all drawbacks and disappointments and thereby realizing the deeper meaning of human life. Making one’s own signature should be the manifesto of human life rather than trying to copy someone else’s attributes. We have to be satisfied with whatever we are, for the purpose of being happy in life. Moreover, Self respect helps to cultivate all good habits in life; it teaches us to respect and control our emotions. A self motivated individual is more prudent about the steps he/she takes to handle a given situation. Self respect makes us decent and simple. Self knowledge strengthens our will power and disciplines our life with an intention to achieve higher success in life. Therefore, self respect becomes our vehicle for commanding social respect.

Respect is something which we cannot steal from anybody nor can pretend if we do not have it within ourselves. If we really want people to respect out entity, then we need to become more positive about our life and consciously have to build up a habit of respecting our individuality. “Charity begins at home”, the practice of this well known proverb is the first step which one needs to follow in order to gain respect from others.

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