Spirituality paves the way to self respect

Self respect refers to our overall value system, the way we perceive and execute ourselves. Self respect develops from likings towards our own personality, qualities and abilities. Self respect is a vital component of self development and an integral part of building self confidence. Self knowledge, self acceptance, optimism and the freedom to be ourselves are the four vital elements of self respect. High self respect is a realization of how unique we are; we discover our best talents, our principles of life on which we live.

There are numerous occasions in life when we fail to keep our self respect high and due to lack of self knowledge we become the victim of consequences. Self respect is highly influenced by our own emotions which are often provoked by external affairs. The moment we are controlled by our emotions, we actually tend to get arrested by them. The desire to get public attention or respect may become detrimental if we do not possess high respect for ourselves. Hence, spirituality educates us to control our emotions and provides an exposure to a happy and contended life beyond all worldly affairs.

Spirituality teaches us to keep faith on ourselves and believe our own virtue which in turn widens the possibility to raise above all criticism. Spirituality is the gradual discovery of the inner soul; it is the call of the conscience, the power to express ourselves. It is a practice which lets our subconscious voice speak to us, control us as well as guide us. Our conscious mind is always much focused on achieving success, gaining prestige and recognition; but subconscious mind holds the ultimate power. Spirituality is the art of training our subconscious mind towards commitment and consistency.

Spirituality means the realizations of the divine power within us. The moment we will realize ourselves in a true manner we will get enlightened and the more we understand and express ourselves the more we will grow with our self respect; we will respect our whole being the reason for which we are living.


In the course of life we get dominated by numerous evil powers; self diffidence, criticism, nervousness, defeat which are the major elements hampering the peace of our life. Shaky timid people take long time to raise above all these negative feelings but people with high self esteem are hardly affected by them. They live with high self confidence. Improved view about the self; at the same time optimism helps them to rediscover their strong attributes whenever there is any perilous situation. Self respect teaches us to focus and review our noble gestures on a regular basis so that we can raise above all negativity. Spiritually calls for self assessment to find out all possible avenues to win over a pessimistic situation. Spirituality radiates positivity within the self and therefore, we realize our enormous capacity to face all hurdles in life without losing our patience and the way to win over them.

Self respect can be the best friend or the worst enemy of our life. So, gaining self respect shall never be an objective of life rather it has to be a desire. Therefore, we have to ignite spirituality within ourselves to know our true desires and to build up self respect to achieve them.

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