Appreciate little growth and reward small success

What we do when our kid gets good grade in his preschool exams! We appreciate him, accept his endeavors and talents and usually buy him a small gift so to inspire him to keep up his good spirit. This is the general tendency which is followed worldwide. Appreciation provides enthusiasm and reward is a complement to the efforts invested by the child.

Usually there are many people to monitor the progress of a child and appreciate him. But once we grow up we do not find the same number of people anymore beside us to praise our attempts and appreciate our achievements. Public attention and public acceptance is a great source of energy which helps us in healing depression and develop a mind set for success.  But, what if we do not find any of them beside us? Shall we stop growing or doom into pessimism? These are the phases which demand us to become the sailor of our own life to take control of our life boat. We have to be our guide of life to show us the right path of success and have to appreciate us when we climb every step of it. On the contrary, public acknowledgement might boost our journey towards success but the end result is distressing if we ourselves fail to identify our own growth and progress.

If we wish to accomplish our objectives without surrendering ourselves to the obstacles of life then we need to implement the simple policy of recognizing our own abilities and achieve a little progress on a day basis. We all know that men are blessed with enormous power and potentials; we understand the fact that every one of us is born to fulfill certain objectives in life. If we have that innate sense then we will realize that every day the sun rises and finds us in a better position in terms of our health or might find us a step nearer to success then where it left us a day before. Growth silently demands our own concentration and appreciation before anyone else could do it. But we often overlook our efforts in order to achieve something bigger in life and degrade our feel good image on the small accomplishments which we keep on attaining with a purpose to receive the higher benefits. But all our efforts get reluctant and trails become stagnant if we do not celebrate our small endeavors of life.

Self appreciation brings optimism in life which motivates our desires to attain our targets. Acknowledgement enhances self confidence and nurtures a positive attitude towards life. It allows us to focus on our final destination rather than concentrating on the little setbacks which we face in the journey of life. We need to reward our small achievements by ensuring how important it was and what more we can do. Acknowledgement and reward give us the opportunity to evaluate where we were; where we are now and in which direction we are going.

Each small step towards success takes us nearer to our goal. Therefore, we need to acknowledge our hard labor to bring out more positive energies from our inner self. Every time we recognize our efforts and reward our small successes we bring motivation into our life, motivation acts as an incentive which couples with our aspirations and paves the way for success.

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