Increase your sconfidence level and rule your star

Allow your stars to rule you, and they will definitely ruin you!

Remember how often we condemn our fate for not accomplishing our objectives or failing to meet our targets! We blame our upbringing and our financial background for not becoming what we could have turned out to be. Our life gets overshadowed by stress, tension and depression and finally we come up with the verdict “I am not so lucky to enjoy all these”. Regretting and complaining about the situation doesn’t change anything in reality. We cannot bring success in life by blaming our situations or by accusing ourselves.

Lets us ask these questions to ourselves and evaluate our own answers. Are we satisfied and contented with our present life style or with the position where we stand now? Do we often feel frustrated and dispirited with our present level of confidence? Do we really long for a better life? Finally, do we constantly keep on searching the ways which can make us optimistic and successful in life?

It is a proven fact that most of us believe more in the power of our stars rather than keeping faith on our own abilities.  The reality is as that, we create our own fortune by alluring optimism into our life and by eliminating pessimistic thoughts out of life. We can wish to for good things good things to happen with us only when we are worth of it. Fortune is not a material thing which we can purchase by money or can loan from somebody. Luck will shine only when we will start to feel ourselves deserving

We can conquer our stars and rule our own life by turning our dreams into reality. Optimistic thoughts definitely bring success into our life and increase the possibility of all good things to happen with us. We need to be excited and have to be hopeful towards our life. But all our good values and powerful attributes fall short if we suffer from the fear of self diffidence. Our desires and capabilities are subjected to proper execution and interpretation. We might have the willingness but still fail to replace our ‘bad luck’ with ‘good fortune’ if we lack in self confidence. We can easily control our life if we know how to approach a given situation. This requires a lot of faith on the ‘self’ and confidence over the decisions taken.

Self confidence helps to increase our inner strength by finding the reasons to be afraid and replacing them with strong mental determination. We can strike off the fear of failure if we know how to project our potentials. Self confidence is an inner power which provides the courage to change our outlook towards life and gives us the lesson to embrace happiness forever. We come out of the age old beliefs on our fate and destiny and explore new possibilities in life.

Self confidence brings a sea change into our attitude and actions which revels our self faith and inner courage. Therefore, self confidence is our gut feeling which declares the victory of the war long before the battle was fought.

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